movie reel


Movies are a big part of the world today. Film makers make statments in their films that can really imapact not only single people but the soceity. Films are a great creative outlet, and not to metion fun to watch.

Hollywood produces, packages, and sells hundreds of movies every year. Many of these movies propagate a distorted sense of morality and ethics. Under the surface of immoral behavior and unlawfulness, however, there can be deeper problems in Hollywood's messages. What are these stories telling the viewer about life, relationships, and God? What worldviews and ideas do they espouse? If Christians are to tread carefully at the theater complex, they need resources to help them.

This book is just such a resource. By exploring the relationship between Christianity and art, the theology of biblical discernment, and a brief history of filmmaking, as well as through analysis of popular films, Meaning at the Movies equips readers for careful discernment in the cinema. The book does not simply list criteria for judging film art; instead it encourages Christians to develop biblical and critical discernment in regard to not only film, but all aspects of culture.

Movies are alot of what motivates me. Its not just a story with a huge budget made in America's dreamland, its a phyological way of being. Everything in a movie invloves a phyological aspact to it, why they do those thing, what motivates them to be a better person. I can't fully express to you how I veiw movies but one thing that i can tell you is that I am motivated to be apart of them.