Format this with DW


There are 2 purposes for this assignment:

I've run all the content of this page in one long paragraph and your job will be to apply proper HTML and CSS to create a readable document. Initially, I want you to use the following items to format the page:

After we apply the correct HTML, we will follow up by adding CSS as well.That will be day 2. Organizing the information on a page using these tools is a bit of an art and takes practice. Learning how to use DreamWeaver in an efficient and appropriate manner is also very important for the way we approach Web Design. Everyone will develop their own style and there isn't just one way to lay out a page.

The text that follows is text taken from an existing website. Make it look as readable as possible.


Steps to Become Certified

There are numerous variables along the certification process that impact the completion of these steps. But in general the process should be as follows: