Dear Michelle,

We at Sprague High School are happy to be of service to you. It's going to be a pleasure to work with you.


•  When you arrive at Sprague you will first need to find a parking spot

•  Then the main entrance

•  The entrance is easily seen if you find the flag pole first

•  Go into the main doors and you will see two offices

•  One on the left (Business Office)

•  Another on the right(Attendance Office)

•  Go into the Business Office and ask the office workers if they could call down Mr. Adkins, the web design teacher, from room 130


I hope that these directions are helpful to you.

If you have the time, please bring pictures, business cards, or colors that you would like to include. These things will help us to build a website that you will better enjoy. Also if you aren't busy, please review the websites from our research. If you aren't sure in what kind of website that you want they will give you a few ideas.

Thank you for choosing Sprague's web design group. We hope that this is an enjoyable experience for you.



Dalton Randolph