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Oregon Medical Group

  • low key welcoming colors are easy on the eyes
  • page flashes sometimes when you go to a new page
  • Text is layed out in a way that allows for easy reading, and the option to make the text size larger is really nice


  • most of the immediatly necessary information is readily available without the need to scroll down to far
  • The navigation and header are integrated into eachother which allows for more space and a cleaner page
  • The images are high resolution and are relevant to the text around them

The physicians group aids victims in an auto mobile accident. The physicians group is dedicated to providing better quality of care in healthcare settings.

PGA clinic

  • simple, clean and professional layout
  • Navigation flows(hehe) really well with the header, and the pages are easily navigated
  • Text is well layed out in a simple to read format that is easy on the eyes

Providence Medical Group