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E-mail 1

Hello, Dr. Paulissen, and Dr. Miller

My name is Frank Quillard and I am a student at Sprague High School.

During the next few weeks a couple of my friends and myself will be working together with you to design your businesses website.

Sincerely, Frank Quillard

E-mail 2

Greetings, Dr. Paulissen, and Dr. Miller

I am looking forward to working with you, to design your businesses webpage.

I know from experience that finding your way around Sprague can be somewhat difficult,so in order to ease your searching, I have compiled a simple list of directions which may help you.

  • When you arrive, find a parking spot
  • Once you've found a spot, find the flag pole at the front of the building
  • Then, enter through the main doors and go into the Business Office (office on the left)
  • Finally let the secretary know that you're here to see Doug Adkins, she will call him and he will escort you to our classroom

Please bring, if able, images which you'd like to be on the site, a company logo, a motto and anyother information about your business that you can.

Sincerely, Frank Quillard

E-mail 3

Greetings, Dr. Paulissen, and Dr. Miller

Thank you for coming in to explain some of the finer points of what you'd like to be on your website.

I am looking forward to working together with you and design the best website that you could want.

Here is a quick list of the notes that I recieved during our meeting.

The goal of this site is to get people to be able to find the Phone Number and hopefully get new patients.

    Site Basics

  • Simple
  • easy to read
  • static - not going to change often


  • Horizontal
  • 5-6 different pages- Home, FAQ, Forms, Contact Us, Providers, and possibly Pharmacy


  • Motto
  • Map


  • list of questions to alleviate some of the more repetitive calls


  • Printable PDF documents

    Contact Us

  • Phone number
  • Directions
  • request appointment?


  • Quick biography of all/most of the physicians

And please, if any of this information is incorrect or changes, please feel free to contact me through Mr. Adkins.

Sincerely, Frank Quillard