Site Map


Cross Browser Compliant

Works in:

  • Firefox (latest update) Yes
  • Chrome (latest update) Yes
  • Safari latest update) Yes
  • IE 7 and 8 - yes, but rounded corners don't show in 7.
  • Opera?? Yes


  • Title-H1-File Name Yes
  • Correct layering of headings-subtitles Yes
  • Metatags no
  • Addresses the 9 items in the link
    • Submit the site to the 'big three' which included google, yahoo and bing no
    • Submit site to
    • Site has sitemap Yes
    • Make sure your content matches what the viewer wants no
      • Need to check with ms. bond about Search Engine Optimization
    • Keywords Yes
    • Name your photos thoughtfully Yes
    • Have other sites link to your site No
    • Meta tags Yes
    • Make headings relevant Yes


  • Uses CRAP concepts Yes
  • Quality Images
    • Appropriately sized and compressed Yes
    • Good quality (no pixilation) Yes


  • XHTML Validation wont work on some pages
  • CSS yes, except rounded corners, which don't exist in CSS 2
  • all pages

Site Wide Control

  • CSS controlled Yes
  • PHP includes used Yes

Coding Integrity

  • Proper indention Yes
  • NO CAPS or s p a c e s in file names Yes
  • Embedded styles minimized Yes