Superior Finishing Feedback

This will be a COMPLETE revision! It is a major work in progress.


  • Firefox- Y
  • Chrome- Y
  • Sarfari- Y
  • IE 7 and 8 - Y
  • Opera??- Y


  • Title-H1-File Name-Y
  • Correct layering of headings-subtitles-Y
  • Metatags- N
  • Addresses the 9 items in the link-N


  • Uses CRAP concepts- Y
  • Quality Images- N, i would need to recieve new images


  • XHTML/Css- Y
  • All Pages- Y

Site Wide Control

  • CSS / PHP- Y

Coding Integrity

  • Proper indention- Y
  • NO CAPS or s p a c e s in file names- Y
  • Embedded styles minimized- Y