Email #3: Kelsea Paler

Thank you for making it to our meeting, I am very excited to begin work on this project.

These are my meeting notes , look them over and make sure we are both working towards the same project


  • Attract new patients
  • Educate patients
  • Communicate with patients (phone #)


  • Home: slideshow, contact info, map, mission statement
  • Providers: list of doctors, bios and pictures
  • Forms: pdf forms that can be printed
  • FAQ: q and a, model after doctors clinic
  • Pharmacy: contact, email, photo, bio, link to healthmark site
  • Contact: map, phone # address, request appt via web


  • Clean and sleek
  • Soft colors
  • Create a logo

Mission Statement: Indepedent Practitioners for your Adult Health


  • Diet
  • Excerise
  • Medication
  • Building
  • Map


  • horizantle
  • No Dropdowns
  • Easy to Read

Thanks again, your web designer, Kelsea Paler