Email #1

Hello Dr. Steve Paulissen and Dr Debbie Miller! We are excited to meet with you April 7 th to discuss your website.

Please Bring:

  1. Buisness Card
    • Your logo
    • Your address and other contact information
    • Your colors, or color scheme which can stand as a base for the website
  2. Images:
    • Logo
    • Pictures of your building
    • Pictures of doctors
  3. Any groups, societies, or partnerships
    • Preferably along with their logos
  4. Your 'mission statement'
    • What is your company's goal?
  5. Do you have a facebook or twitter?
  6. Information about any sub-companies
    • Information about your Pharmacy
  7. List of doctors and their specialties
    • Small biographies about them
  8. General information:
    • Hours of operation
    • The services you provide
    • Events you host or participate in
    • etc

Cant Wait To See You, Sprague Web II