Nothing in the world makes me happpier than changing my facebook statuses to obnoxious things for the world to try to understand. My friend Nicole helps in this process because she and I have epic conversations that can transistion from glitter to boys without reference to Twilight, in under 80 comments. Oh how I love my facebook. Who would of guessed that a thing I made to talk to my step mom while she was in Iraq would transform into the most entertaining thing in my life... Gawd I have no life.

Girls have brains much like spaghetti (sorry if it's spelled wrong) boys however are much more like waffles. I can prove this point because sitting here writing this beautiful usesless words you wont read I had a conversation about comparing boys to veggetables that then altered to facebook hit glitter and returned to explain the very point I am trying to gett across. This can go further because I have the urge to scream my mood ring changed color from it's normal blue to my farorite color purple. But Mr. Adkins is talking about the goals of today which will be accomplished when I finish writing this useless amount of words. There are 15 minutes left in this class and I can't wait to go home! I get to sign on to my beloved facebook and have worthless and meaningless conversations about god only knows subjects and confuse the 146 friends located on my page. Maybe even more because it's an open page. Which was proved to me over the weekend when my friends crush felt the need to tell me what they do with pumpkins after Halloween.

I should totally write a book completely based on the random stuff that pops into my mind at the most unexpected time. It would be full of random dancing, odd ball conversations. Batman is the greatest super hero EVER! No comp. The rest of the super heros cheat, they have powers they got, and don't apprechiate the awesomeness they have. Batman however has to pay for his mad skills and there for he is like god. End of story... not really but maybe for this paragraph.