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I listen to pretty much any kind of music except music that lacks words or is sleeping music, i.e. Classical, Smooth Jazz and things that just make you wanna take a nap. I mainly listen to mainstream in my car on the way to school, but if my mother is in the car it's country all the way. Which as a high school senior isn't the coolest music out there. I listen to rock, metal and screamo when I'm with my boyfriend because he enjoys music about pain, suffering, and other depressing topics.I'm not inlove with morbid music but when I'm angry or upset it suffices. Nothing is better than knowing someone out there knows exactly how you feel when everything has gone wrong and all you wanna do is scream and yell about how terrible you feel, or how terrible you want to make someone's life. Music lets me vent. :D

The two bands featured on this site are Hot Chelle Rae, and Queen. Why these two? Easy, Hot Chelle Rae sings a Bleed and when I started this project nothing in the world could describe my mood but that song. As for Queen I didn't know what other band to choice, so while IMing him I asked and he said Queen. Queen isn't my favorite band, but they were the first band I listened to that wasn't old school country.