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Flowers are a girls best friend. No matter what any woman says, when given a boquet of flowers, any girl feels special.

In the 21st century there have been an estimated number of 270,000 different kinds of flowers.

Paleobotanists have recently discovered flower flossils from about 120 million years ago.

In the bible flowers were considered to have magical powers, and that is why they have a place of honor in the royal floral gardens.

During the time in which Queen Victoria regined, flowers were of great signifance.

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Flowers can hold different meanings, depending on how they are given, arranged or grouped together. In the Victorian time, flowers adorned everything, hair, clothing, jewelry, gowns, etc...

Flowers could say what one would dare not speak, a flower presented in an upright positon can mean a positive thought, and a flower presented in the opposite position may have a negaitive meaning.

Also when a person wants to say yes to a certain thing, they offer the flower with the right hand, and for no it is offered with the left hand.

The reason that i love flowers also is because I am a pretty religious person, and I know that certain flowers are in the Bible and that is what connects me to them.

My Favorite Flowers:

  1. Calla-lillies
  2. Roses