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Steps to Become Certified

There are numerous variables along the certification process that impact the completion of these steps. But in general the process should be as follows:

Step one

Get as much information about foster care or adoption as you can. The Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS) offers opportunities to talk with staff, or attend a Foster Care Forum information session to ask questions and learn more before attending required training.

Step two

If you are ready to begin the process to become a certified foster or adoptive home then the next step would be to attend the Foundations training. Foundations Class Descriptions Foster and adoptive parents require skills that are unique to parenting children with special needs.

It is critical that the parents learn about:

Step three

During the course of the training program you'll receive an application, homestudy, Criminal History form and other paperwork necessary to apply. Complete these forms and turn them back into DHS.

Step Four

Your certifier or Adoption worker will then connect with you to begin the completion of your home study. The entire process may take anywhere from 3-6 months.