Welcome to my home page. I adapted my template #1 to be my index page.

Here is how achieved this:

  • Opened the template1.htm file in my web1 templates folder
  • Re-saved into the root of my students folder
    • I let DW update the links
  • Made sure the head tag matched what was in xhtml-doctype-ftc.htm
  • Opened the template1.css file and re-saved in the root
    • Let DW update the links again
      • I had to re-attach the CSS so it loaded index.css instead of template1.css

I am now in the process of updating the CSS. Here is my process:

  • I copied the "zero out" CSS from my dw-format.css file
  • I am in the process of defining all the tags the way I want
  • I'm using em's for font size changes... but pixels for my lists and other items
  • I found spacing errors as well and I am cleaning them up too

I will continue to work on the process for some time. Getting a "template" just the way you want takes quite a bit of time. This is a work in progress