Cool Stuff

  • Here is a podcast on the Meaning of Intelligence by Mike Rose. This is from the show On Being" - Sept 3, 2015. Interesting perspective on Industrial Education.
  • 12 days of ChristMATH - for any math geeks out there - this is fantastic. (It is a YOUTUBE video - so this won't be viewable by students inside the district)
  • Having trouble with a math concept?
    Curious about some other topic?
    Check out the Kahn Academy Website for more info.
  • What happens when someone makes a coding error in the real world?
  • Do You Know the Saying? - Investigate this little exam to check your vocabulary and how well you know some "popular" sayings.
  • Attitude is everything - read this great story!
  • When Am I Ever Going to Use This??? If you are into music, theater, or the like - you might write a musical about your experience with math. Check out - Calculus the Musical. and other STE(A)M themed shows.
  • Even computer geeks can have a sense of humor.
  • Take some time to read about the Guards of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
  • TAG is the hot topic. Here are a couple articles to look at:
    The Secret To Raising Smart Kids
    Brain Development Rate Linked to IQ
  • Should we always believe the experts? Click here to see some interesting observations by "experts" in their fields.
  • Reducing the World Population to 100 people sometimes can help us understand distrubution a little better.
  • I have always been fascinated by PI, so this really got me thinking - kind of wish I was still teaching math so I could play with this in my classroom - Tau (YouTube Video)
  • Click here to see some cool fractals and learn more about chaos theory. Even holidays can have their own fractals - see this Valentine's Day example.
  • No matter how busy your life is, there is always time for coffee.
  • I could spend all day looking at M.C. Escher's work.Check out the Official M.C. Escher website here.
  • Pi Trivia (or is that Trivial pi?) (Click here)
  • An interesting story about a college student and professor - If you like logic, you will like this one. Also interesting who the student was. Don't read ahead - just stay with the story. Click Here for story
  • For more about SMART goals - click here.
  • Hot Prototypes: Tomorrow's gadgets with some very promising ideas.
  • Albert Einstein's Birthday is March 14. Also Pi Day - So much in one day. If you still want to read more about Pi - click here.
  • Cool Math Problem. Try this puzzle.
  • Albert Einstein information found here....
    Here is an article about recent research supporting Einstein's claims of relativity.
  • More Einstein information at another site.