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Instructor: Mr. Rodin

Updated on: 7/1/2013


Welcome to Tech Support. You have earned this privilege to be in this class, to be part of a select group of students. You have also earned the right to have much responsibility thrust upon your shoulders. Work hard to keep this privilege. I would like you to think about Google when you work in the Tech Work Room. They have a 70-20-10 rule. Please try to follow this:

You are the reason this building is considered a great tech school. Let's work hard together to keep it that way and even push us a little further this year.


Tech Support students are expected to develop and utilize the necessary technology skills to support and maintain all staff and student software and hardware needs. These responsibilities will frequently require them to independently assess and fix (if possible) any computer problems that may occur in the building as well as reporting their actions when they return to the Tech Office. It is critical that you communicate what you have done and what still needs to be done.

Graded Skills

You will be graded on keeping track of work done. Communication with Mr Rodin and other techs is critical. Each semester, students will also build a computer and install needed software, research issues, and make the computer do a specific task.


Students are on-call at all times during class to service any computer-related needs that may develop in the school. Students are expected to work with staff and other students in a professional and business like manner. When not working on an "on-call" need, students are expected to be researching ways to make our system run smoother or finding "cool tech tips."


Students are expected to be on-time to class. This is more like a job than a class. If you are going to be gone, please email me so that I know you will not be here. There is nothing worse than planning on someone being here and they don't show up. If attendance is an issue, it may impact grade and priviledges in class. Students late to class will need to have a note. Students who are habitually late to class may receive a detention and will be referred to administration. This might also force us to remove you from the program.

Tech Work Room

The Tech Work room is your office when you are in Tech Support. Please keep the room clean and organized. Remember that the equipment in this room does not belong to you, but you should take care of it. When a problem arises, work to solve the problem. The tech room is not a place to come visit / “hang out” when you are in another class. Your “friends” should not come to the tech room or the computer labs to visit you.  Techs are invited and encouraged  to eat lunch in the Tech Work area during Mr. Rodin's lunch period.


Computer classes offer all students the unique opportunity to work beyond the assignment. Students are encouraged to utilize the many features of computer software and their own creative abilities to enhance the curriculum to meet their needs.

In each subject/course students will be pre-assessed on the knowledge and skills that will be learned in the subject/course. The purpose of this pre-assessment is to find out what students already know and are able to do to avoid repetition and to give the student access to advanced and/or accelerated content.

Formal or informal pre-assessments may include end of chapter/unit tests, student input and self-evaluation, placement test, specific teacher observational data, lab demonstration or test, work samples, fist of five, thumbs up/thumbs down, or other forms of pre-assessment. Below is a list of differentiation strategies that may be used.

Differentiation Strategies

Computer Lab Usage Rules –

Students have the right to alter their personal data on the computer and in their student folder on the server.

Students do not have the right to:

  1. alter other student’s or staff data.
  2. alter any hardware or peripherals on computers.
  3. alter OR download any software on the computers.
  4. access any messenger and/or chat program.
  5. play games that are not part of the course curriculum


Dear Parent/Guardian,

As we begin a new school year, I am excited to have your son/daughter in our backroom. Students will be challenged to think and grow. They have earned their way into this program. Read over the class expectations for this class with your son/daughter.

If you ever have questions, feel free to email ( or call and I will try to get back to you within two school days. Below your signature give me times and number or email that are best to reach you.

Take some time, go over the expectations and set some goals with your child. Then print and sign this letter and have the student return this page next time we have class. I hope this will be a great year for all of us. The will not receive a grade in this class until this letter is turned in.

Go Olys!

Phil Rodin

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