Tech Support

What do I do with my time?

  1. Watch this video. It is about 85 minutes long - so either watch over 2 periods or watch at home.
  2. Write a 2 paragraph response to the video. (either google doc and share with me @ or email me the paragraphs.
  3. Make an image of yourself.
    • It needs to be school appropriate
    • Take your face and put it into a situation. (Superhero, historic, etc)
    • it needs to be recognizable as you when printed on a pass.
    • For example - I might put my face on Albert Einstein's body (I would keep his hair of course).
    • Your image must contain text:
      • Your name (first and last)
      • Sprague Tech Support
      • 2019-20
    • It must match the aspect ratio of the sample pdf in the "Techie Pass" folder in Techie Temp
    • Save your final picture as 2020_Last_first.jpg
    • Paste your final picture into the "Techie Pass" folder in Techie Temp.
  4. Familiarize yourself with the backroom. Know where things are stored. You need to be able to find items quickly.
  5. If you still need something else - Look over the list below
  6. You will notice 3 areas
    • Application
    • Process
    • Optional
  7. I need you all to become experts in as many of the applications and processes as you can.
  8. If you have all of these down, move on to the optional.
  9. Any suggestions of things not on the list - let me know.


  1. Application
    • Malware Bytes (Can you take this with you and get it to run on an infected machine? Use it to clean/scan the machine?)
    • Super Antispyware
    • Office (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint)
    • Open Office (how do features from Office work in Open Office and back?)
    • Google Drive (how to create, upload, convert, etc)
    • AVG (Install, set up, set to automatically scan and update)
    • ComboFix
    • WINPE -- password for zip file is strelec
  2. Process
    • Build a Cat 5 cable (and test it)
    • Build a server (file and web) - we will do this 2nd semester
    • Make a boot disk
    • A+ Certification (there are books and disks in the tech room - spend some time going through those)
    • Hardware Setup
    • Bios
    • Reinstall Windows
    • Research Computer Parts - select, upgrade, buy, etc.
  3. Optional
    • Google Sites
    • Image Editing (GIMP and Photoshop; make image "web ready")
    • Diskmgmt.msc
    • msconfig
    • anti-vir (and other anti-virus programs)