Adv Computer Projects Syllabus

Instructor: Mr. Rodin

Updated on: 6/26/2013

Purpose of the course:

Students have the choice of either developing a large project (lasting from 6-18 weeks) using a computer programming language they are proficient in or they can develop small projects (lasting 1 day to several weeks) while learning a “new” language. All student projects require teacher approval. Projects altering existing games and/or game engines will not be approved.

All students will be required to demonstrate a proficiency in a

programming language related to their project. (A student’s expertise in graphics or music related software may be a significant contribution to a group project but will be deemed insufficient for passing this course.)

Finding out your grades:

A 90%-100% (of possible points)
B 80%-89%
C 70%-79%
D 60%-69%


Below 60%

Students will be evaluated using three criteria.

  1. Daily progress (are you on-task)
  2. Written updates - Every student must keep a journal of their progress for each day in class.
  1. (Teacher’s option) students may make up to two presentations to the class
    • A short 3 – 5 minute presentation to inform the class of their goal.
    • At the end of the semester when students demonstrate and discuss their progress on their project


Journals that are not complete when I check them will be marked down 20%.
If they are not updated within two class periods of me asking for updates they will receive a “0”.

When you are tardy:

If you are tardy for any reason, you need to have a note. You will not be allowed in class without a note.
•  When you enter the room, leave your note on my record book and go to work.
•  A tardy is not excused without a written note.

Student Expectations

1. Be on task – activity not related to the assigned task is unacceptable and may result in a student being taken off the computer for part or all of that class period.

2. Treat everyone respectfully – teachers, students, guests and substitute teachers should be treated in an appropriate and respectful manner.

3. Be willing to offer assistance to other members of the class - we are a class, as such, everyone (students and teacher) is expected to offer ideas and assistance to the class –As my good friend Mr. Justino says “The best part of teaching in the computer arena is that no one is the ‘center of the universe' It is a unique class in that everyone, teacher and student alike, has the opportunity to discover and present new concepts.”


- Computer classes offer all students the unique opportunity to work beyond the assignment. Students are encouraged to utilize the many features of computer software and their own creative abilities to enhance the curriculum to meet their needs.

In each subject/course students will be pre-assessed on the knowledge and skills that will be learned in the subject/course. The purpose of this pre-assessment is to find out what students already know and are able to do to avoid repetition and to give the student access to advanced and/or accelerated content.

Formal or informal pre-assessments may include end of chapter/unit tests, student input and self-evaluation, placement test, specific teacher observational data, lab demonstration or test, work samples, fist of five, thumbs up/thumbs down, or other forms of pre-assessment. Below is a list of differentiation strategies that may be used.

Differentiation Strategies

Computer Lab Usage Rules –

Students have the right to alter their personal data on the computer and in their student folder on the server.

Students do not have the right to:
1. alter other student’s or staff data.
2. alter any hardware or peripherals on computers.
3. alter OR download any software on the computers.
4. access any messenger and/or chat program.
5. play games that are not part of the course curriculum
6. eat or drink in class (with the exception of water)
7. play music

Consequences will include:

First violation – Staff discretion – Possible suspension
Second violation – Suspension
Third violation – Administrative decision


Dear Parent/Guardian,

As we begin a new school year, it is my hope that ALL students will successfully complete this course. Students will be challenged to think and grow. They will need your support and help at home. Read over the class expectations for this class with your son/daughter. You don't have to be an expert, or even know how to solve the problems – you are not taking the class. Please check in with them to make sure they are doing well in class and staying on top of their assignments.

If you ever have questions, feel free to email ( or call and I will try to get back to you within two
school days. Below your signature give me times and number or email that are best to reach you.

Take some time, go over the expectations and set some goals with your child. Then print and sign this letter and have the
student return this page next time we have class. I hope this will be a great year for all of us. The will not recieve any points for assignments until this letter is turned in.

Go Olys!

Phil Rodin

Please copy and paste everything below this line into a word processing document - print - sign and return.
Or highlight info below this line - print and choose Print Selection.

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