Computer Science 2 Syllabus

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Instructor: Mr. Rodin

Updated on: 1/17/2014


1. Classes/Objects
2. Linear Constructs
3. Looping Constructs
4. Decision Constructs
5. Switch Statements
6. Methods
7. GUI

Equipment and Supplies

Data storage device (disk, drive, etc...), Composition Notebook, pencil, YOUR BRAIN.


Procedures are a part of life. We follow procedures for getting ready for school, looking up a number in a telephone book or
visiting the doctor's office. The reason that we have procedures in life is so that people can function in society knowing the
acceptable and efficient way other people do things.

There are procedures in this classroom. These procedures establish our classroom culture.


When the bell rings:

•  You should be at your computer.
•  You should be in the appropriate file and program.
•  Stow your belongs out of the way.
•  If no assignment has been given yet - work on old programs, or explore a new idea.

When you are tardy:

•  If you are tardy for any reason, you need to have a note. You will not be allowed in class without a note.
•  When you enter the room, leave your note on my record book and go to your seat.
•  A tardy is not excused without a written note.


•  When an assignment is given, the criteria represent the minimum requirements for the assignment.
•  Students are encouraged to take the assignment and go "above and beyond".
•  To recieve maximum points, students will need to show a little extra above the assignment.
•  If an assignment is not in the submissions folder when I grade them the assignment will be considered late.
• The student will then have a chance to gain a percentage of the original points for the assignment.

Leaving the classroom:

•  You may leave the classroom at an appropriate time, and in the appropriate manner.
•  No one should leave the room the first 15 minutes of class or the last 15 minutes of class.
•  Please take the pass.  

End of class dismissal:

•  I dismiss the class, not the clock or the bell.
•  Before dismissal, all students must be in their seats, logged out, and the area around your seat must be clean. You are responsible for this area.

Finding out your grades:

•  Every few weeks a listing of the class's last few assignments, along with a grade and current percentage will be posted on Mr. Rodin's website.
The posting will use your student identification number.
•  Grades will consist of assignments, quizzes and the final.
•  Grades will be established by adding the total points of work done as a part of this class using these criteria. All points will be added and percentage found.

A 90%-100% (of possible points)
B 80%-89%
C 70%-79%
D 60%-69%


Below 60%



- Computer classes offer all students the unique opportunity to work beyond the assignment. Students are encouraged to utilize the many features of computer software and their own creative abilities to enhance the curriculum to meet their needs.

In each subject/course students will be pre-assessed on the knowledge and skills that will be learned in the subject/course. The purpose of this pre-assessment is to find out what students already know and are able to do to avoid repetition and to give the student access to advanced and/or accelerated content.

Formal or informal pre-assessments may include end of chapter/unit tests, student input and self-evaluation, placement test, specific teacher observational data, lab demonstration or test, work samples, fist of five, thumbs up/thumbs down, or other forms of pre-assessment. Below is a list of differentiation strategies that may be used.

Differentiation Strategies

? Enrichment
? Multiple Intelligences
? Acceleration
? Compacting
? Learning Styles
? Independent Study/Project
? Tiered Assignments
? Critical Thinking
? Assignment Modification
? Flexible Grouping
? Cluster Grouping
? Contracting


•  I will do my best to maintain a website for parents and students that is informative and up to date.
• Please use my website to stay on top of assignments, check grades, and keep an open line of communication between parent, child, and teacher.
•  Please refer to the website for assignments, grades and other information about the class.
•  My link my be found be going to

Computer Lab Usage Rules –

Students have the right to alter their personal data on the computer and in their student folder on the server.

Students do not have the right to:
1. alter other student’s or staff data.
2. alter any hardware or peripherals on computers.
3. alter OR download any software on the computers.
4. access any messenger and/or chat program.
5. play games that are not part of the course curriculum
6. eat or drink in class (with the exception of water)
7. play music

Consequences will include:

First violation – Staff discretion – Possible suspension
Second violation – Suspension
Third violation – Administrative decision


Dear Parent/Guardian,

As we begin a new school year, it is my hope that ALL students will successfully complete this course. Students will be challenged
to think and grow. They will need your support and help at home. Read over the class expectations for this class with your son/daughter.
You don't have to be an expert, or even know how to solve the problems - you are not taking the class. Please check in with them to
make sure they are doing well in class and staying on top of their assignments.

If you ever have questions, feel free to email ( or call and I will try to get back to you within two
school days. Below your signature give me times and number or email that are best to reach you.

Take some time, go over the expectations and set some goals with your child. Then print and sign this letter and have the
student return this page next time we have class. I hope this will be a great year for all of us. The will not recieve any points for assignments until this letter is turned in.

Go Olys!

Phil Rodin

Please copy and paste everything below this line into a word processing document - print - sign and return.
Or highlight info below this line - print and choose Print Selection.

(Student name: {legibly written}__________________________)

Student signature/date

Parent signature/date

Parent Contact Information:
Home Phone: ________________________

Cell Phone: _________________________

Work Phone:_________________________ Work Place: _________________________

Email Address: ___________________________________

Best time and Place to contact:________________________