Happy New Year 2011!


Mr A's WebSiteMy name is Doug Adkins and I am a teacher at Sprague High School. I have been teaching for over 29 years all at Sprague. I was a math teacher for the first 21 years of my career and I have been teaching computer applications courses for the last portion. I am a Sprague grad myself (class of '77) so I bleed orange.

My wife Susan and I have been married for 24 years, and I have 2 daughters, Blythe and Lauren. Blythe and Lauren are both Olympians as well. Blythe graduated in '99 and Lauren in '07. Dad is proud of his 2 girls.

Susan has her own business in town, Class Act Event Coordinators. If you want an event planned, you need to call Sue (503-371-8904). She will help you to create a great event and take away all your stress.

I am an avid bike rider and enjoy playing soccer, kayaking, golfing and most recreational activities. I have been on several long distance bike rides, most recently a 10 day trip in eastern Washington and Canada BC. I can't wait to take another. It is always a great experience.

We have a new kitty named Olive (Olive the other kitty... we have 2 others). Olive joined our household on August 20th! Actually, it is Lauren's kitty, but she will be at school (finishing up her last year at the University of Portland) so we will be taking care of her for a while. Here are some photos!