Sprague Boosters Inc.

What is it?

Looking for a few good people to get involved with Sprague Boosters! We have several members retiring after this year and really need your help, input and zest for Sprague next year. Please contact David Brown, President at 503-932-7000 for more information. Thank you and GO OLYS!

The purpose of Sprague Boosters Inc. is to encourage a healthy, well-rounded educational experience at Sprague High School. In so doing, Sprague Boosters Inc. financially supports the OSAA sactioned activities for the students at Sprague High School!

Who are we?

Sprague Boosters Inc. is a group of highly energetic volunteers, determined to make a difference for the students at Sprague High School. The group consists of parents, retired citizens, and representative of South Salem businesses. Approximately 15 members of this group make up the Officers and the Board of directors.


David Brown President 503-932-7000
Bill Mcnutt and Todd Holcomb Vice Presidents
Jill Reece Treasurer
Annette Brown Secretary 503-932-0822  

Make sure to like our Facebook page: Sprague Boosters Inc.

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