Master Calendar Help

The Master Calendar contains information for our entire district. Information just for Sprague is possible and this tutorial can help you.


To filter information just for Sprague:

  1. Click on “View All Locations”
  2. Scroll to Sprague High School, select it.
  3. Press the “Filter” button

Here is an example:

Additional Information:

  • Filtering for the organization is not required every time if you have your cookies enabled.
  • Doing this will "remember" the filter and will not require you to do so every time.
  • Each browser has it's own process for enabling cookies.


We have included directions for Internet Explorer 8 (the most commonly used browser).

  1. Open Internet Explorer 8
  2. Click the Tools tab, click Internet Options
  3. Click Privacy
  4. Move the slider to "Low."
Page created by Sophy Kerzman 9/23/10