Community Feedback!

Student Feedback Form

Students, please use this link to submit information about your experience at Sprague. Concerns about our culture or environment, ideas to improve our building, or thoughts about your experience at Sprague.

This information can be submitted anonymously or you can choose to add identifying information if you would like a response. The administrative team at Sprague appreciates our students and their willingness to collaborate to make our school better.

Parent Feedback Form

Parents, Sprague High School is committed to collecting feedback from our families. This link is intended for our families to submit ideas about Sprague. Do you have an idea to increase our communication with families? Suggestions on how we can best meet the needs of our students?

Please submit your ideas here and if you would like a response from our administration or wish to remain anonymous, the choice is yours. The administrative team at Sprague appreciates your commitment to making Sprague a warm, welcoming learning environment.

Sprague Staff Shout Out

If a staff member has gone out of their way or done something positive that deserves Olympic Recognition.


  • Created By Jordan Millett -- 9/30/19

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