Sprague Art students rock!

We have three student winners in the Oregon Humane Society’s 70th Annual Be Kind to Animals Poster Contest! All three are juniors and were invited to attend the A’Cat’Emy Awards on Sunday, January 27th at the Oregon Humane Society in Portland.

Congrats to:

Chloe Elmore, 2nd Place
Angelica Vityukov, 3rd Place
Samantha Breen, Honorable Mention
Angelica Vityukov
Samantha Breen

This contest is open to students in the state of Oregon and in Clark County, Washington so there was plenty of competition and to have had three winners is great. The theme for this year was “Be an advocate: Be a voice for pets.” Pets need people to be their voice. If pets could talk, what would they say? What might they ask for? Students were asked to create a poster that gave voice to the wants, needs, and/or feelings of pets. I think you will agree our Oly artists did a wonderful and thoughtful job.

We also have two winners from the Awesome 3000 design contest:

Kate Swenson, 2nd Place
Sydney Koloszar, 3rd Place
Sydney Koloszar


  • Created By Darin Oakes -- 2/6/2019

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