With no dominant stars, How is Sprague volleyball so successful?


A previous version of this story incorrectly stated what year Morgan Doll is in school. Doll is a junior, not a senior. It also previously stated that Doll was the only returning all-conference player, but to clarify, Doll is the only returning first-team all-conference player.

So often in high school volleyball, the successful teams have star players who can dominate on the court.

Whether it’s a setter or outside hitter, successful teams find a way to get the ball to their best players to make plays.

For this year’s Sprague volleyball team, which is 8-1 in the Greater Valley Conference, the approach has been different.

The Olympians have 12 players, and they all play an important role. Outside hitter Morgan Doll, a junior, is the only returning first-team all-conference player, and the starting lineup changes depending on the matchup.

“We have a lot of these girls who are really talented, so it’s like they are on an even playing field,” Sprague coach Anne Olsen said. “We have a lot of girls who can play multiple positions.”

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Statesman Journal, Published by Pete Martini - Oct. 1st 2017


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