The New Sprague HS Site


At the beginning of the year, we were presented with the task to create a new design and layout for the Sprague High School website.This was a tremendous project to undertake due to the size of our site and the influence it holds on many individuals in the community. However, this idea of redesign had been running in our minds over the course of the summer, so we were fairly prepared for the task at hand.

It was decided that we would base the new site off of the Bootstrap front-end development system to easily implement the site and it’s features to other viewports, such as mobile devices and tablets (a feature the old site design was heavily lacking). Therefore, our overall goals for the new Sprague High School website were to make it mobile-friendly, a possibly more efficient layout, and use modern coding techniques to fulfill this.

As mentioned previously, the project began in September of this school year, and was finally implemented this May. The first step in the process was to figure out how to re-do the basic overall layout of the home page. Early on, we decided the side navigation should be collapsable, with accordian type drop-down menus rather than the old side-flyout menus. As well, the navigation is designed to be open on desktops and larger viewports, and closed on mobile devices by default. The rest of the home screen content was condensed from the old site, as we felt there was too much information flooding the user. A calendars/schedules area was added to the homepage with the intent of having (arguably) the most popularly used information readily available to students and others using the website. The design for the sub-pages took inspiration from other news sites such as the Statesman Journal, Daily Mail, TIME, etc.

We hope you all enjoy using the new designed Sprague HS website, as much hard work was put into the design of this. That being said, we recognize there are still problems within the site, and we will continue to work out these troubles throughout the rest of the year, which will be overtaken by the new Web Support Team that will form the next school year. If you notice any problems or have possible suggestions to make, let us know by contacting Philip Rodin, at



~ Kendall Shadduck, Carter McQuigg


  • Created by Carter McQuigg -- 5/16/2017

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