Maggie Hering to U of M Track Team


Maggie Hering’s commitment to run track for the University of Montana was a decision she knew would shape not only her next four years but would lay the foundation for her next forty years. Hering was committed to her goal of running college track, and her decision to join NCSA Athletic Recruiting provided herwith the opportunity and technology to be proactive in her recruiting process, while also being educated on the steps she needed to take to achieve her goal.

“Ever since that moment I played my first soccer game in 2000, I’ve fallen in love with sports,” Herring posted on her NCSA home page. “That passion pushed me to greater heights, to demand more of myself, and to become a better person as I learned the foundation of what makes an athlete an athlete: competitiveness, integrity, positive mental attitude, respect, and hard work.”

Heringhas enjoyed academic and athletic success at ­­Sprague as a dedicated student-athlete, earning a 3.88 GPA and being an important contributor to her team. Hering’sdedication and trust in the recruiting process has rewarded her with the opportunity to run track at the next level, attending the University of Montana in Missoula.


Original Article, Statesman Journal


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