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Youth Legislature History

Welcome to the Sprague High School Youth & Government Home Page! Built in 1972 and named for Oregon Gov. Charles A. Sprague (1939-1943), Sprague High School is in Salem, Oregon and has a student population of approximately 1,700. Our delegation has a long history of success in writing measures, getting measures passed, and successful candidate campaigns.

Youth & Government is a national program of the YMCA. Oregon YMCA Youth & Government is a program of the Family YMCA of Marion and Polk Counties in Salem. High schools and local YMCA's organize delegations of youth legislators to participate in the annual sessions of Youth & Government at the state level. The program in Oregon is 63 years old. Rather than using political parties, Youth & Government has divided Oregon into two districts (North and South), divided geographically at the 45th Parallel, just south of the city of Keizer. Each district alternates control of the leadership of each chamber of the Legislature annually. In 2011, the South District will elect the leadership of the Senate; the North District will elect the leadership of the House of Representatives. These elections take place at the Pre-Legislative Sessions, held in January. Each district also elects a gubernatorial candidate for a general election on the first day of the three-day mock session of the Oregon Youth Legislature.

The Legislative Sessions are held in February in the House and Senate chambers of the State Capitol in Salem.