Reminder: Students need to be withdrawn from their previous school before they enroll at Sprague. This is especially important for students transferring within Salem Keizer School District.


  1. Parent/Guardian comes in with proof of address.
    • Proof of address in the form of: utility bill, lease agreement, bill of sale etc.
  2. Once address verified, go to forms tab for Registration Forms to be completed.
  3. Parent/Guardian turns paperwork into Registrar’s office.
  4. Counseling Secretary schedules a new student appt. with counselor, student, and parent:
    • Note, this usually is not the same day.
    • In some cases an administrator is part of the enrollment meeting.
  5. Parents and student come back for appt and pick classes with counselor.
  6. Student starts school the same day as appt, the student should come to the appt prepared to start classes.
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