Intouch Online


• Login info MUST be picked up in person by either the student or parent.
• Intouch web pages are updated every night from the teachers' grades books.
• Grades are only as current as the last time the teacher has updated them.
• Questions about specific grades should be directed to the teacher of record.
• Please see the diagram below to see how to use Intouch.
• Link to Intouch login page HERE.

To get a User ID and Password the student or parent must visit the Sprague Attendance office in person. This information can not be given out over the phone or through e-mail. User ID and password do not transfer from one school to the next. If you are new to Sprague you will need to come in and get a new User ID and Password.

InTouch is a web based system that shows a student’s cumulative grade, and shows assignments for each class, what was turned in and the grade received. It also shows attendance and other important student information.



1. CLICK HERE to access Intouch Online. You will need a User ID and Password to log in.

2. Once you've entered the six digit ID number and password, click "Gradebook" to view grades.

3. Click the Section number beside each class to see the assignments/grades for that class.

4. Once you click the Section number you will have access to see your child's grades and assignments.


If you need more information, please visit the FAQ PDF file on the Salem-Keizer website


Any problems? Try this Link
(it may ask for a security certificate, please allow it; Intouch is a trusted website)

If you are still having problems you can call (503) 399-5555 and press 3 to talk to a tech.




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